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pop_sci“Farmers already score per-acre yields using hydroponic tactics that are 30 times as high as those produced by traditional farming. In a vertical farm, nutrient-delivery machinery and 24-hour light exposure would improve on that yield many times over.

But not all plants respond well to hydroponic methods. Some, such as potatoes and citrus trees, need to set root in a semisolid medium, like soil or coconut fiber. The design here, by the Canadian company Omega Garden, does just that.” Read more

timesofindia“Imagine growing plants without soil and sunlight. And that too with one-hundredth of the water and space usually required. You could actually have a rich harvest of fresh and healthy lettuce, mint, flowers or fruits by your bedside.” Download

growers_edge_1_th“A day spent going around in circles can be a waste of time. It turns out, though, if you are a head of lettuce, it’s not a bad way to grow.” Download

growers_edge_2_th“Traditionally, even the most sophisticated indoor garden had to lie flat…The Omega Garden was designed to revolutionize gardening by breaking the gardening plane by using vertical – as well as horizontal – space.” Download


“A rotating cylinder houses rows of plants that grow toward the interior light source, making phototropism a phenomenon of the past. The Omega Garden screams to be put to the test in space.” Download

future_grow_1_th“The garden rotates around the light source and reduces the number of lights needed for each productive square foot… this continuous rotation results in plants having an unusual strong compact growth.” Download

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“The Union of Concerned Scientists, a Washington, D.C. advocacy group, claims that genetically engineered DNA is contaminating traditional seeds of three major U.S. crops.”  Read article

“By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the earth’s population will reside in urban centers. Applying the most conservative estimates to current demographic trends, the human population will increase by about 3 billion people during the interim.”  Read more

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