QHow much space does the garden take?

A: The Complete Unit: Model 10001 and the Basic Omega Garden™: Model 10002 takes approximately 20sq. ft. of floor space.
The Carousel Unit: Model 10011 takes approximately 150 sq. ft. of floor space.

QHow much power does the garden consume?

A: The Volksgarden® Supra™ draws 6 watts for the rotation motor, and 16 watts for the pump which only needs to run intermittently. The Volksgarden® Supra™ lighting options range from 125 / 250 watts Compact Fluorescent up to 400 / 600 / 1,000 watts of High Pressure Sodium depending on your application.

QHow many plants will the garden hold?

A: The Volksgarden® Supra™ holds up to 80 plants.

QHow much product will the garden yield?

A: The Volksgarden® Supra™ can yield 3-5 times the comparable weight per watt average per harvest. (When compared to conventional flat or tiered gardens)

QWhat medium are the plants grown in?

A: The plant are usually grown in 3 inch rock wool cubes. We also have a retrofit option of 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch by 2.5 inch. Please let us know if you desire to have this option.

QWhat kinds of lighting can be used?

A: The Complete Unit: Model 10001 uses 2 – 600W Hortilux bulbs with Advanced brand ballasts housed in an air-cooled glass tube.

The Basic Unit: Model 10002 will accommodate: 2 – 400W; 2 – 600W; 2 – 1000W or 2 – Compact Fluorescent bulbs.

QWhat is included with the Volksgarden® Supra™?

A: for a detailed listing please refer to the Product Page.

QHow long does it take to assemble?

A: The Volksgarden® Supra™ takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble.

Please refer to our Set Up instructions and video.

QWhat if I need technical support or help?

A: You may contact our technical department:
Toll free at 1 888 976 6342 or 1.250 752 1301 (outside N. America)
Mon-Fri 7:00am-7:00pm PST or Sat-Sun 9:00am-5:00pm PST.
You may also E-mail us at: info@omegagarden.com.

QHow long has the company been in business?

A: We have been operating since 1998.

QHow long does it take to ship to customer?

A: Shipping takes approximately:

  • CANADA & USA: 2-5 days
  • Europe: 10-15 days
  • Asia and Australia: 30 days

QCan the Volksgarden® Supra™ be moved around easily?

A: Yes, the Volksgarden® Supra™ is very light, and easy to move.  It will fit through doorways without having to be disassembled.

QWhat if I need spare or replacement parts?

A: Call our technical department toll free at 1 888 976 6342 or 1.250 752 1301 (outside N. America) or E-mail us at info@omegagarden.com.

QHow often and why does the garden need to rotate?

A: The unit takes approximately 30 to 45 min to make a complete rotation and rotates 24/7.

NOTE: The Volksgarden® Supra™ needs to rotate constantly in order to keep all of the plants in conformity – if the garden stops turning, even for a short period, the plants will turn up against the pull of gravity regardless of its relationship to the light source – even when the light is below the plant, it will still grow opposite the direction of gravity.

QHow often do I feed the plants?

A: The plants are usually fed 1 or 2 times per day depending on plant requirements and ambient room conditions. Do not over-water!

IMPORTANT: The rooting medium sleeves should only pass through the feed solution to a depth of no more than 1/2″. Regulate the pump output with the valve and set the return drain hose into position at the required solution depth.

QHow does the Volksgarden® Supra™ compare to a regular flat garden?

A: The Volksgarden® Supra™ provides the optimal ‘light to plant’ relationship throughout the whole garden resulting in a 3 to 5 times the per watt yield while using less then one half of the space of a conventional garden.

QWhat materials are the Volksgarden® Supra™ made from

A: The cylinder body is made of high density poly, and is one solid molded piece. The tray is ABS food grade plastic, and the stand and lighting supports are made from powder coated steel. The medium holders are food grade virgin material.

Q: How can I pay for the Volksgarden® Supra™?

A: Accepted methods of payment are: Direct deposit (Canada/USA), wire transfer, certified cheque; money order; cash, paypal or through our secure website.

QWhat nutrients should I use?

A: Each plant type will respond differently to the many types of available nutrients. We would recommend experimenting with your favorite brand and closely monitor results. We also would appreciate any feedback based on your results.

You may contact us at:

  • Toll free: 1 888 976 6342 or 1-250-757-8801 (outside N. America)
  • Fax: 1-604-325-0558
  • E-mail: info@omegagarden.com