Urban Farming Benefits

Urban Farming reduces transportation, packaging, spoilage, pollution, water, soil erosion usage and contamination. It also reduces or eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers and preservatives.

Urban Farming has many key benefits: higher food quality, a sustainable local economy, job opportunities, increased food security, more control of food production, creating more sustainable cities, community building and economic diversification.

Now a new approach to farming has been invented by Omega Garden Int. that will provide vertical integration of efficient farming right in the heart of the cities; solving age old urban problems, increasing and developing vibrant, sustainable communities for the future of humanity.

single-2-350Benefits of owning an Omega Garden™:

  • Solid 14 year reputation in the industry for excellent customer service, and safe reliable products.
  • Fresh, clean, quality produce.
  • Local year round farming.
  • Strong, rapid growth results.
  • Urban renewal and sustainable community building.
  • Unprecedented energy savings and cost effective operation.
  • Private or commercial applications.
  • Durable design.
  • Fully automated and easy to operate.

Benefits over conventional Hydroponics:

  • Cylindrical planting drastically increases yield/space (3-5 times)
  • Feeding and watering management is simple and efficient
  • pH at the roots remains consistent due to watering design
  • light in the center means limited waste – it all goes to the growing
  • Can be easily moved

Benefits over imitation rotary Hydroponics:

  • Volksgarden’s are durable with sturdy construction.
  • Full 5 year warranty on cylinder, stand and metal parts. 1 year warranty on motor and pump
  • Proven success results!
  • We have knowledgeable and expert help staff with decades experience