Step 2: Mount the Motor

Project Description

Remove the motor from its packaging within the large cylinder box.

Locate the chain hanging from a corner of the watering tray. Using a knife, scissors, or snips, cut the plastic securing tie.

An optional step is to remove both cover plates and place the supplied foam on the inside where the plates make contact with the stand. This will reduce vibrational noise and rattling when the motor it turned on.

The drive chain is engaged with the motor sprocket although it is not necessary to completely remove the cover plates as seen to the left. Begin with the step below.

With the four bolts removed and the two remaining loosened, slide the motor onto the stand leg. The two motor plates clamp down on either side of the leg. Move motor unit up the leg until the chain can be engaged as seen above. Holding the motor with one hand, adjust the watering tray sideways until the chain is straight and the cover plates are flush with the stand.

Insert and tighten bolts until motor is firmly mounted. If the motor causes vibrations or rattling when turned on, some of the supplied foam strip may be placed in between the mount clamp and the stand.

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