The Future of Growing Food

From The Future of Growing Food by Marie LeBlanc:


Ted Marchildon (left) with Don Woodstock in front of Volksgarden®Supra™. PHOTO: Marie LeBlanc

On its journey from the Stargate Universe (SGU) TV series, to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, while in the process of being shipped off to Kuwait, the Volksgarden®Supra™ has made it into the hands of Winnipeggers, providing the opportunity to grow fresh food indoors all year long under the harshest of weather conditions.

While inventor Ted Marchildon was in Winnipeg preparing a large shipment of the Volksgarden®Supra™ to Kuwait in the Middle East, he introduced the concept to Don Woodstock, who was a Green Party candidate for Winnipeg Centre in the federal election.

“I literally jumped at the idea.” said Woodstock after Omega Garden™ offered to loan two stacks of the Volksgarden®Supra™ to Woodstock’s office at 637 Portage Avenue to try it out and for the community to come and see the potential.

“It’s a solution that is locally manufactured here (in Canada) and they were going to ship it to Kuwait,” Woodstock says.

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